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Loan costs in installment Lus

Loan costs in installment Lus

Banklus is a company operating in the non-banking segment. The institution’s offer includes installment loans. The maximum amount of the liability is PLN 5,000, the minimum is PLN 600. The time to pay the debts is relatively long and can be up to 6 months. Installments are paid once a month to the lender’s account.

Banklus is a brand belonging to the Agentu group, operating on the loan market for 5 years. Agentu is also the owner of the smart payday brands Slort and Porfel Lus. During this period, the institution granted over 300,000 loans. The company enjoys recognition among customers due to its individual approach and quick verification process. What’s more, the company avoids formalities, and money on the borrower’s account appears immediately after making the decision to grant the loan.

Installment for Lus – Installment loan up to PLN 600

Installment for Lus - Installment loan up to PLN 600

The company offers installment loans of up to PLN 5,000. The debts are repaid in monthly installments. The anticipated period of settling the debt is foreseen for a period of 30 days, up to 6 months.

The smallest loan provided is PLN 600. Interestingly, such a low debt can also be broken down into a six-month repayment period. According to the tariff made available on the borrower’s website, the monthly installment for the lowest liability amount is only PLN 142. Thanks to the long repayment period, the company’s client can pay the debt without damaging the household budget. However, you should be aware that the longer the debt repayment time, the greater the total amount of debt.

Lus installment – who can apply for a loan?

Lus installment - who can apply for a loan?

The company’s offer is addressed to adults. To be able to get a loan online, you must be between 21 and 73 years old. Moreover, the potential borrower should have financial liquidity. Therefore, the loan company requires the client to provide a permanent employment certificate.

The customer must also be aware that a non-bank institution will check its presence in the debtors’ bases. Therefore, late repayment of previous liabilities may affect the decision to grant the loan.

A person applying for a payday loan must be a Polish citizen. Furthermore, the borrower must have permanent residence. Foreigners cannot use the services of Banklus. In this case, in the event of default, the financial institution will not be able to take action to recover the claim.

Installment for Lus – how to take a loan step by step

Installment for Lus - how to take a loan step by step

The loan application procedure is maximally simplified. The company does not apply unnecessary formalities. The entire application process will last a maximum of several minutes.

First, choose the loan amount. To do this, use the sliders on the right side of the lender’s website. The installment loan amount is between PLN 600 and 5000. Then the potential customer is obliged to choose the repayment period. In this case also use the regulators. In the next step, the borrower should complete the registration form. In the survey, you must provide your basic data: name, surname, PESEL, number and series of ID card, address of residence, etc. In the next step the customer is obliged to make a verification transfer for a symbolic amount – 1 gr. This is a standard procedure for virtually every financial institution operating in the online loan segment. With the transfer, the borrower confirms his identity. This can also be done thanks to the Kontomatik application.

Installment for Lus – money immediately in your account

Installment for Lus - money immediately in your account

The loan company makes so-called automatic customer verification. By using a special system, you can expressly verify your identity. This solution has a great impact on accelerating the entire loan application process. After confirming the personal details of the potential client, the non-banking institution sends to the debtors register a request to provide data on the credit history. After a positive consideration of the case, the non-bank institution sends a message about the loan. At the same time, money is transferred to the lender’s account. It is worth remembering that the inflow of funds depends on the bank postings.

How do you pay back a loan in installments in Lus installments?

How do you pay back a loan in installments in Lus installments?

There are several options for paying the debt. The first option is online transfer. The customer receives all the necessary data for a banking operation in a private email. Important – please enter your PESEL number in the title of the transfer. As a result, the borrower will be sure that the funds will be properly credited. Interestingly, there are several bank accounts that can be used to repay liabilities.

The second option is a traditional transfer at a bank branch. The customer may also settle the claim by post. If the borrower does not have sufficient funds to repay the liability, he can make a transfer from a third party’s bank account.

The borrower should be aware that late repayment of the liability has numerous consequences. Therefore, before taking a loan, he should be sure that he can pay the debt. If the customer has a problem paying off the loan, he should immediately inform the non-bank institution. Installment on Lus ensures that in this aspect it is willing to work out a common compromise.

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