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We would like to introduce you to the major credit offers with negative credit bureau and the coveted credit without credit bureau for Germans. Find out what matters in terms of credit in spite of credit bureau, who, despite credit bureau, grants loans and what you should pay attention to.

In detail, we are referring to the Swiss loan without credit bureau, which incidentally comes from Liechtenstein. At a comprehensively written level, we provide you with authentic information. Facts that support your search for credit and lead to serious credit offers.

Unfortunately, some readers will find that anticipated credit can not be persistently enforced. A real credit opportunity is offered to people who can demonstrably afford their credit.

Loans with negative credit bureau financing everyday?

Loans with negative credit bureau financing everyday?

Without hesitating to overdraw the checking account, to fulfill wishes at low interest rates with installment credit, this is everyday life in industrial societies. Fueled by low interest rates, the credit market for solvent borrowers has been booming for years. A sufficiently good credit rating confirms the credit bureau over 90 percent of all adult Germans.

But, the “perceived naturalness” of uncomplicated financings are anything but everyday life for about 7 to 8 million Germans. Weak credit bureau credit rating prevents regular lending.

A negative credit bureau entry, scientifically scored “bad” credit rating, excludes nearly 10 percent of citizens from lending. At the same time as interest rates fell, the creditworthiness requirements of credit institutions rose steadily. No credit request, well justified and inevitable, creditworthy people is met. It starts a lengthy search for credit for many. A circuit of hope, anxiety and credit denials.

From this perspective, credit without shufa or bad credit bureau sounds like the way out of any credit crunch. Fleet advertising slogans encourage you to try again and again. So it is not surprising that loans without credit bureau, loans with poor credit ratings and bad score are in desperate demand. Some people manage to get the loan they want, others hope in vain for a commitment.

Loans with low credit ratings – who feels addressed?

Loans with low credit ratings - who feels addressed?

The winged saying “Germany is a rich country”, everyone knows from talk shows. The vast majority think immediately of their own account balance. There is no sign of wealth either on the current account or on the small passbook. But on the contrary. Many have debts. Every month, a sizeable share of income goes into debt service and consumers are asking more and more credit.

On the income side, many workers also do not look for the propagated wealth. It was the low-wage sector that made Germany the permanent export master. Only from the income comes to the worker too little. Temporary work and “mini-self-employment” almost automatically lead to a credit crunch. Only credit for special loans with weak creditworthiness promise a way out.

Many households are regarded as over-indebted in credit bureaustatistik. They can afford their debt service permanently – not or not sure. 9.3 percent of the total population is registered in the credit bureau with one or more negative characteristics. (Source: Statista from 2015). Your negative credit bureau credit rating automatically excludes regular credit. Depending on the “quality” of the entry, even only foreign credit can be possible.

Expectancy Borrower – Loans with negative credit bureau

Expectancy Borrower - Loans with negative credit bureau

Expectations of credit without credit bureau or loans despite negative credit bureau characterize the credit advertising, hope and credit experience with regular loans of the past. In their idea of ​​special loans with bad creditworthiness, prospective customers are looking for “credit normality”. The loan without credit bureau should be granted as simple and uncomplicated as regular credit with good credit.

Emotionally credit seekers count on it – by means of credit – to regain financial normality. In the background there is always the fear of renewed disappointment. The few who are looking for a special loan look back even on positive credit experiences without credit bureau. Her previous efforts were unsuccessful.

Not infrequently, even bad experiences with dubious providers were collected. Instead of receiving the hoped-for credit, their hopes were disappointed, betraying their trust. Mostly not even a clear reason, why no credit was granted, get the prospective customers. If any refusal occurs, then a standard mail without personal reference to the loan case.

Credit tip – Do not force special loans Lending despite credit bureau awarded in Germany, a good handful of different providers. Legal bank credit without credit bureau for Germans from abroad, as far as all investigations prove, comes from a single credit bank.

Jumping from broker to broker does not increase credit opportunities. It only increases the risk of becoming desperate victims of fraud. All reputable mediators in principle ask the same banks.

Lender – who gets credit with negative credit bureau?

Lender - who gets credit with negative credit bureau?

Since the beginning of the euro crisis, the requirements for borrowers are constantly increasing. The top priority is secure lending. On the one hand, the tightening is due to the significantly lower level of interest rates. The other side of the changes is based on legal tightening. Across Europe, commercial lenders are only allowed to grant secure credit.

Under international law, banks should generally prohibit high-risk transactions. Due to legal requirements, special credit is therefore only granted if there is sufficient creditworthiness proof for secure lending. How to reach this proof with negative credit bureau leads to the core of the special loan.


Excluded are only lenders that are not considered systemically important. An example would be, as a legal credit without credit checks, credit among friends.

Rate special credit:

Unlike regular credit, the special credit score rates creditworthiness with a focus on timeliness. Lapses in the past are not as heavy as the credit bureau score. The changed preconditions filter out the group of people who can afford their credit safely. The additional credit risk compensates for the significantly higher interest rate.

Interim conclusion:

Credit despite credit bureau and credit bureau is not available to borrowers whose case-by-case assessment proves a sufficient creditworthiness to lend. Additional credit risks are created by the providers in response to their interest claims.

Loans with negative credit bureau – risk potential

Loans with negative credit bureau - risk potential

Loans without credit bureau are popularly referred to as risk loans. In many ways, the generalization is correct. Various risks have to be considered for borrowers and lenders. Dangers lurk, numerous media reports and reports prove it, during the entire credit procedure.

About scientific studies proven uncertainties begin with the validity of the advertising. Costs fall on the application path and follow in the loan agreement. Even approved loans with negative credit bureau are considered a financial venture.

The following paragraphs deal with the most important risk factors, with a focus on borrowers.

Hot Slogans – Good Credit Advertising Business

If the focus is on brisk advertising slogans for loans with a bad credit rating, the status of the creditworthiness is in question. Many slogans are worded as if it were a trivial matter to grant credit approval for special loans with poor credit ratings. Advertising mixes loans despite credit bureau and without credit bureau with terms of the regular loan offers.

The speech is for example from the instant loan without credit bureau in 24 hours or the non-credit bureau credit for rescheduling existing installment loans. An ideal world in which the “archenemy” credit bureau plays virtually no role. If advertising were always “telling the truth” and credit advertising was solely for credit, there would not be millions of fraud victims.

Behind the hot slogans is often hidden no loan offer, but an ice-cold business model. The aim of advertising is to attract as many potential creditors. Whether only one prospective customer can actually qualify for a special loan does not matter. It is important to capture the data and to give hope. Money is earned outside the desired credit intermediation.

Credit tip – Do not trust advertising Advertising for products is often overdrawn to attract attention.

The difference to the advertisement for “even whiter laundry” and “still credit-free credit”, is serious. In the figurative sense, the interested party of a detergent advertising at least then receives a detergent and no cookbook. The product behind credit advertising in difficult cases, does not have to be a loan offer.

Many other financial products can be sold, regardless of the credit bureau credit rating.

Advertising without credit prospects – what can be behind it?

Advertising without credit prospects - what can be behind it?

Unemployed, low-paid, over-indebted and many self-employed usually get nowhere uncomplicated loan. The risk of lending is not commensurate with the return and likelihood of smooth loan settlement. Any credit check must drop the loan request, as the credit history, income level or income security, problems suggest.

Without an income that suggests safe repayment ability, no lender will be willing to provide installment credit. Nevertheless, the advertising addresses the “apparent” target group. Many people sign up in the hope of a special loan without credit check or without proof of credit. For profiteers are the applications on a broad scale.

How high is the risk?

An older study by credit bureau estimates the economic damage to consumers, through “decoy credit” and “mediation fraud”, to 150 million euros annually. For individual victims downed it would be about 380 euros per person. Current figures speak of about 300 euros per claim.

The low level of damage is not accidental. 300 euros corresponds to a loss amount, in which hardly a lawyer will file a lawsuit. His fee for such small claims does not cover his costs. The likelihood of fraudsters getting away with it is high.

Illegal trade

Unsuccessful credit search with a weak score worn down. Against all reason, credit seekers on loan offers with advance payment. Especially often the fraud model works on cash on delivery. The application documents will be sent by cash on delivery.

Home visits have also increased in the recent past, where prepayment is payable directly in cash on the spot. (Express surcharge, or another “virtual” fee).

Credit intermediaries are not allowed to pay in advance. Calculation of advance payment is not legal. Mediators are only entitled to an explicitly agreed success commission, according to § 655c BGB and any additional charges. (§ 655d).

Debt restructuring – is not a credit intermediation

The problem of conflicting with the law as mediator – yet without earning a guarantee of success – can be solved. Instead of a brokerage contract, a consulting contract is concluded. The legal protection against overprovision according to § 655 BGB is excluded. The consultant earns his fee (completely legal) without being dependent on the success of the consultancy.

The slightest difference is noticed by the few before they sign. Additional payment obligations build up. Whether the debt restructuring succeeds or not plays no role for the advisor.

According to a 2012 credit bureau study, it is not just unfortunate exceptions that use this path. In the study, 42 percent of subjects were offered a financial rehabilitation contract, debt restructuring agreement, or other designated consulting agreement.

The advisers are not always easy on the money. To collect the avoidable debts are professionals to the side. Debt collection companies collect the money and even earn “princely” money.

Credit advertising – sale of other financial products

People who seek a loan without credit bureau are almost always in a financial trap. You need a loan, but no additional payment obligations. Earlier credit attempts failed. The “business model Hope” builds on that.

Why do borrowers close nonsensical additional contracts?

The hope for credit creates a psychological dependence. Interested parties cling to the alleged credit balance and are further encouraged by the mediator in their hopes. Be it in gratitude for the temporary loan approval or not to upset the broker, victims open their door for additional business.

An insurance can easily bring in this climate to the man. Being well insured sounds like “normal life”. Likewise savings contracts, investments, life insurance, credit insurance or a credit card. All accepted offers have only one catch.

The catch is, with every regular payment obligation, a savings contract as well as an existing loan, the credit outlook deteriorates. The borrower can only spend his money once. If he pays for insurance, the liquidity is lacking to pay off any otherwise possible credit.

Privacy – negative credit is worth the money

As a service to the customer, borrowers with bad credit ratings experience the online input of their data. Everything looks exactly like the loan application made online at a bank. Unfortunately, the data does not end up at a reputable financial institution with high self-interest in the protection of customer data. A nice business can be done with credit advertising if it comes from data collectors.

A small hook in the online application and the transfer is approved. Now the agent only has to check which data records are real. A call or an automatic e-mail clarifies that for him. In this way, morally reprehensible but legal, thousands of records of people with bad creditworthiness can be collected. Per 1000 records cost such information from 15 euros.

Interested buyers are advertisers and traders of all kinds. In the mailboxes of those affected are then a few “important” earnings messages. In addition, companies are buying records that program software for online stores. You can thus install an automatic credit check – without the path over the credit bureau. Anyone who is in the dataset will only receive payment in advance or not.

Credit tip – act cautiously Not everyone who offers loans with negative credit bureau does so with the intention of cheating. Separating the wheat from the chaff is extremely difficult.

To act with caution and caution, to agree to any data transfer, we recommend. Healthy mistrust offers the best protection against unnecessarily paying apprenticeship.

Approved credit with bad credit rating – risks of interest rate policy

Approved credit with bad credit rating - risks of interest rate policy

To get an adequate rescheduling despite negative credit bureau, to see the credit without credit bureau from Liechtenstein on the account, freed. Emotionally, the “Battle of David against Goliath” was led and won.

Anyone who holds their credit with negative credit bureau in their hands has reason to be proud of themselves. Lending is proof that credit bureau does not prevent every difficult loan request.

The case-by-case examination refuted the credit bureau’s negative credit forecast, but after the first joy, doubts arise as to whether it was really a “victory all along the line”. In the market high interest rates, the bank calls for their credit.

Credit experience without credit bureau prove that in retrospect, many borrowers feel over-advantaged. If lump-free credit were compared on a regular microcredit level, they would pay up to eight percent more interest on a bank’s risk loan.

Despite credit bureau:

If a residual debt insurance together with the loan was agreed “voluntarily” despite credit bureau, the loan becomes more expensive again. Voluntary RSV is not included in the reported effective interest rate. Due to the long term, EUR 207.75 monthly payments seem manageable. According to a study by credit bureau, for a loan of € 10,000 / 84 months, a good € 17,450 would have to be repaid.


Interim conclusion – risk interest for borrowers:

The amount of additional financial burden in the direct comparison of the financing costs becomes clear. With an average good credit rating, without RSV, the 10,000 Euro loan instead of 7,450 Euro costs only 1,301 Euro financing costs.

Decisive problem:

The high additional burden reduces the actual eradication. Small redemption steps put the primary goal of any debt restructuring – the timely debt relief by high eradication – in the distance.

Comparison of the impact:

A maturity of 84 months, at the same installment as for the risk loan, would be reduced to 52.5 months. On the other hand, the household budget has to pay more monthly for the loan with negative credit bureau in the calculation example 72 euros.

Credit tip – risk interest rates Every loan raises the question of avoidability. Borrowing is always associated with financing costs.

Only if the benefits of borrowing offset the expected disadvantages, the loan application makes sense. Completing a risk-based loan puts the cost-benefit comparison even more clearly into focus.

High interest rates – view of the lenders

High interest rates - view of the lenders

There is a widespread perception that high interest rates would make lending banks over-earning. This assumption is only partially true. The money for special loans usually comes not from the EB, but from risk-seeking investors. A noticeable portion of interest income flows into the remuneration of the company’s own refinancing. Added to this are increased, actual default risks.

If all borrowers pay on time, as agreed, the profit would be high. Unfortunately, lenders’ experience without credit bureau, from the lenders point of view, shows that negative credit bureau credit is not an arbitrary assessment of credit risk. The cost risk for the bank is much higher than for “ordinary” credit offers. Provisions have to be formed for risk compensation.

The risk of default of 2.5 percent for risk-based loans increases to at least double the level. Regardless of the actual risk, the state sets limits on how high borrowing rates from banks should be. Even if the profit bill for the bank does not work out, above the legal limit, the interest agreement, because of Zinswuchers, is void.

Despite credit bureau or without credit bureau – is that the same?

Despite credit bureau or without credit bureau - is that the same?

Studies show that in 61 percent of approved advertisements for loans without credit bureau, it was in fact a loan in spite of credit bureau A common model of falsified advertising claims at the same time the general linguistic usage.

Despite credit bureau, credit bureau-free, with negative credit bureau, without credit bureau, everything seems to be concepts for the same credit model. Even “experts” in credit counselors do not always differentiate properly.

They mix up the terms, although the “small difference” can have serious consequences.

Divergences – despite and without credit bureau

Without credit bureau means, the credit bureau is completely excluded from the credit procedure. She is neither asked to check the creditworthiness nor does she receive knowledge about a granted credit. Credit can be seen at first sight without credit bureau already at the application. Together with the loan application, the borrower does not have to sign a credit bureau clause.

Credit despite credit bureau comes from providers who work with the credit bureau. Exactly, as with the regular installment loan, the lender may determine the credit bureau credit rating. At the same time, the lender provides data on his credit experience with the debtor to the credit bureau The data exchange begins at the latest with the loan approval, because at the same time takes place the “neutral” registration of the approved loan.

Without credit bureau – Offers for credit without credit bureau credit check

Advertising for the credit without credit bureau information, the classic credit bureaufreien foreign credit for Germans, suggests a comprehensive range of credit. The conclusion that many different credit providers are granting debt-free loans to Germans is obvious. In reality, as far as all researches prove, it is only a single bank of credit. It offers three small credits at different levels without any damage.

Neither the name nor the seat of the credit provider can be found in many loans for credit bureaufreie loans. Many believe that the loan comes from Switzerland. – “Without credit bureau” is used synonymously with “consumer loan”. This assumption was only correct until 2009. Since 2010, all legal offers for credit bureau-free bank loans have been issued to Germans from Liechtenstein. All details later.

Despite credit bureau – Offers for credit despite negative credit bureau credit rating

Advertisements for loans despite negative credit bureau again give the impression that many credit providers are interested in lending. This impression does not correspond to the real conditions. For example, a good handful of real credit providers are willing to discount the risk of a negative credit bureau, not immediately as a knockout reason. Moreover, most lenders are not publicly not on your offer.

They allow themselves to be prepared for “preselected” credit seekers by credit intermediaries. By sharing work with credit intermediaries, they save advertising and staff costs. A nice example of this is provided by Eifel Bank, to which most credit intermediaries forward inquiries despite credit bureau. Although a direct loan application with a negative credit bureau credit rating would be possible, there is no word on the bank’s homepage about the special loan.

Bank loan despite credit bureau – without intermediaries

Quite simply, due to the lack of informative self-promotion by interested banks, it is not possible to search for a loan without an intermediary. A good opportunity for agitation on your own initiative opens the free credit comparison of creditend. Basically interested in the granting of credit with bad credit bureau credit rating are banks that check credit requests with a time frame without obligation.

Decisive for the credit valuation despite credit bureau is, in addition to the safe repayment ability, the quality of the negative entry. A distinction is made between “hard” and “soft” entries. Bank credit from Germany also requires that the negative entry leads to the completion note. Done means the debt is settled and the claim settlement has been reported to the credit bureau.

Career choice influences the loan opportunities

No offer for bank credit – despite and without credit bureau – may expect members of certain professional groups. Realistic credit opportunities open up only for employee loans. Self-employed and freelancers with negative credit bureau creditworthiness are virtually excluded from bank loans. The only realistic alternative, despite credit bureau’s credit, remains private.

Despite credit bureau of private – difference to the bank loan

Despite credit bureau of private - difference to the bank loan

Mandatory for all “systemically important” lenders, including all credit institutions, is secure lending. Behind the requirement is the high degree of interconnectedness between banks. The term “domino effect” is still known to many from the euro crisis. Excluded from this requirement were “non-systemically important” credit offers. Not linked to the banking system are loans from private.

Every private person is free to give credit without credit bureau or credit bureau. Private investors can take any credit risk if they wish. They only risk private money. A total failure would not burden the fragile system of commercial lending. From this special position credit developed from private donors to the business model.

creditend and Auxmoney – reputable credit offers from private

creditend and Auxmoney - reputable credit offers from private

Before the euro and banking crisis, most of them had a small savings account. Conservatively saving a few euros a month is considered a “German trademark”. There were no riches on the savings account, just the “nest egg” for bad times or retirement. The interest rate policy of the EurCen Bank is massively affecting the classic savings model of private households.

Mini rates of 0 percent credit interest rates are currently offset by a devaluation of about 2 percent. To invest the nest egg differently than on the passbook, perhaps even the purchasing power through interest profits, to increase a few euros, is the idea behind credit offers from private. Pioneers of serious retail lending were Auxmoney and creditend.

Both portals create the reputable environment of trust for lenders and borrowers to converge on a secure footing. Credit experience without credit bureau, or credit experience despite credit bureau show that the system works. Without scandals, the industry is growing constantly.

Loan offers with bad credit bureau – the main providers

Loan offers with bad credit bureau - the main providers

Loans with bad credit bureau find creditors in three different ways. You hire an intermediary. You log in privately to a loan lending portal. The third alternative, credit despite or without credit bureau, is requested directly from a credit bank.

In addition there are offers for emergency loans and lightning loans. The fast mini-loan is often advertised as a loan without credit bureau, but most of the four market-relevant providers still ask the credit bureaudaten.

Detailed information about the loan with payment in 24 hours – in difficult cases – can be found here

Decision – credit intermediary or direct special loan?

To help you decide whether or not a credit intermediary will help you find and apply for special credit without credit bureau, we will only provide information. The ice of the credibility of a targeted recommendation is too fragile.

The placement industry, whether big well-known names or “little shopkeepers”, is too often and rightly criticized. Credibility is the capital of serious advice. A specific recommendation could jeopardize our credibility and neutrality.

What speaks for special credit through intermediaries?


Serious credit intermediaries insist on the credit market only because they are constantly “staying the ball”. They work closely with relevant credit providers. Any change to special loan approval requirements is known to the credit intermediaries before advertising or web pages adjust. “The pound”, which speaks for the cooperation with a mediator, is exactly this current special knowledge.

It flows into the individual credit check and can decide to discover the “right” loan offer. An intermediary change to get better credit opportunities, but not worth it. The industry mainly works with the same banks. Thus it plays a minor role, whether mediator A or B accompanies the special loan.


Collaboration with credit intermediaries is recommended if there is no direct success. Figuratively speaking, the lending attempt via an intermediary is “the last batch”. If the credit attempt via a reputable credit broker does not work right away, one has to work on one’s own preconditions.

Direct loan application – act without a credit intermediary

Direct loan application - act without a credit intermediary

Getting yourself into the matter of obtaining credit is not impossible. Previous information about risks shows that using authentic information leads to realizing even real offers without failing on credit hurdles.

Direct application options are offered by virtually all credit institutions that grant special loans. The way to credit from private, outside the circle of friends, always leads via portals. Credit portals create the environment that is necessary to secure private financing.


We recommend preferring direct loan application to credit via intermediaries. Assuming the borrower has worked into the matter and knows the risks. Lacking the know-how, the financial situation is complicated, professional help should be sought.

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